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Dr. Frederick Frese and schizophrenia

Dr. Frederick Frese is an amazing man with a great sense of humor. He was first diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1966. During this week’s HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, Dr. Frese recalls his first run-in with schizophrenia while guarding nuclear weapons at a naval base and subsequent hospitalizations where he was declared by the state to be “insane.”

Later in life, Dr. Frese would obtain a graduate degree in psychophysiology and come to be appointed director of psychology at Ohio’s largest mental hospital. He also served on the national board of directors of NAMI and is a well-known consumer advocate for the mentally ill.


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mad88 -

I refuse to be shame of being sshizophrenic!

Habría que traducirlo, es el mejor video que he visto sobre alguien con esto.

Un saludo
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres